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Welcome to J.C. Manheimer’s Direct Mail University

How to earn $200,000 writing junk mail in your Ray Bans and board shorts*
(*) Without knowing a damm thing

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Your Path to Copywriter Paradise Starts Here
Because direct mail is measurable, clients understand that some guy sitting under a beach umbrella can write sales letters that pull better than a big fancy agency on Madison Avenue.
As a result, the best direct mail copywriters are freelance.
And live and work anywhere in the world.
If that sounds appealing to you,
meet your new mentor.
Click the PLAY button to
get the whole story in
just two minutes.
Hi. My name is Josh Manheimer and
30 years ago I climbed into the
dumpster behind my local post office.
When I climbed out, I was one of the best direct mail copywriters in the United States …
… earning six figures writing sales letters
from my farm in Vermont.

Today, you’ll find my work featured in two books:

And if you google “direct mail copywriter”
in the United States, you’ll see …
… I come out #1.
Somehow, I did all this…
stepping foot inside an ad agency
studying under a copy guru
getting a degree in Communications
Now in my first online course ever, I’ll show you what I did step-by-step.
So maybe you too can earn $10,000 writing a two-page sales letter.
Minute after minute, lesson after lesson, workbook
after workbook … your jaw will drop open as you
realize you’re being handed the Keys to the Kingdom.
Buckle up.  And tell your clients to widen the columns on their spreadsheets.  Because soon you’re going to have all the information you need at your fingertips to become a rock star direct mail copywriter.
A copywriter who can charge $10,000 to write a two-page letter.
Now I’ll reveal the nuclear codes and share with you all of my secrets for success.
Soon you’ll know more than you could ever imagine about sales letters and positioning paragraphs … offers and order cards … brochures and BRE’s … envelopes and lift notes.
You’ll learn the lingo. The questions you need to ask at the start of each project. How to structure your fee agreement. How to ruthlessly judge when your graphic designer needs to be tossed overboard and fed to the sharks.
You’ll start thinking like a direct mail ninja and learn to distinguish between a great teaser for your outer … a brilliant headline for your brochure … the perfect hook for your PS … and a brilliant concept for your lift note.
You’ll wake up dreaming about letter leads and recognize how the best email and landing page copy today springs from the loins of carefully crafted direct mail packages.  Which means … if you can write powerful direct mail sales letters, you can write anything.
In short, when you’ve completed my course, you’ll be transformed into a real professional direct mail copywriter. Able to hold your own with a client, discoursing about insertion order … postal indicias … and whether to add a promotional tear-off flap to the back of your BRE. (Now there’s a good time!)
Is my direct mail course right for you?
If you’re a professional copywriter slaving away at emails and landing pages under the fluorescent lights of your cubicle and would like to break into the lucrative world of direct mail (where getting paid $10,000 to $30,000 for a package is the norm) …
If you’re a talented writer wanting to cash in on your skills by working freelance … creating junk mail on your porch … in your villa … beside your race horse, CALL TO ACTION …
If you’re a savvy direct marketer responsible for hiring and inspiring new creative and would welcome seeing first-hand how an expert veteran copywriter creates — step-by-step — the most successful direct mail packages in the history of direct marketing …
If your heart is set aflutter at the thought of studying the secrets of legendary direct mail packages as if they were ancient Dead Sea scrolls, illuminating proven sales techniques that have worked across time for all humanity …
… then you’ll welcome this Risk-Free Charter Invitation to add jet fuel to your skill set and hold in your trembling hands some of the most successful (and highly coveted) sales documents in the history of written persuasion. Indeed, for the historian of marketing, these monumental letters loom over the landscape like Mount Rushmore — they are the best of the best — and provide road maps to sales nirvana … having transformed penny-pinching publishers into Gulfstream-owning oligarchs and shy, nervous mail clerks into Vice Presidents of Marketing with desks the size of aircraft carriers.
Warning. I didn’t get to be one of the best by bleating like a sheep and following the rules religiously. So I’m a little quirky. And I have a sense of humor. If you don’t like to laugh and enjoy yourself while you’re learning, we might not be the best fit.
However, if you would value mastering unorthodox techniques that caused one copywriter colleague to confess, “Dear Josh, I swim in your wake. I have long admired your work, and I often find myself recommending you when clients are looking to test something other than my stuff. I’m very good at selling clients on using me, but not quite as good at making the package! I steal shamelessly from you…”
Buckle up. Your life is about to change forever.
“Wait!  I don’t even know the difference between a feature and a benefit,” you may be thinking.
No worries. I didn’t know either when I got my first assignment.
Let me demystify this for you quickly. Let’s say you have a lamp on your desk. A feature of the lamp is the On/Off Switch. The benefit — the reason you want an On/Off Switch — is so you don’t have to crawl under your desk, yank out the power cord, and get covered with dust balls.
Turns out, you don’t need to know much more than this. What do you need?
You need to get your hands on proven, winning sales letters to see — and I mean REALLY SEE — how an expert copywriter structures and arranges his sentences.
Remember that dumpster I climbed into? I used to drag home garbage bags of successful junk mail and studied all the tricks the best copywriters of the day were using. Over time I absorbed how to …
Join with my audience.
Trigger emotions.
Build an argument with logic.
Provide reassurance.
Motivate folks to take action.
I then applied what I learned (i.e., borrowed … stole … copied … ) for my own projects. And as I grew more confident, I started to invent methods of my own.
Now I’m here to save you a ton of hassle. And just lay it all out for you in fun, easy-to-follow, “walk you through the minefield” lectures.
Lean over my shoulder to glimpse 3 decades of my legendary controls and discover what I was thinking as I put words to paper.
Life doesn’t get much more exciting than this.
Soon you can hold in your hands my historic direct mail package for RODALE’S EVERYDAY HEALTH HINTS which became the most successful package in the history of Rodale’s book division.
“Should be in a vacuum-sealed case in a museum somewhere,” muttered Richard Armstrong — an A-List copywriter with a client pedigree as long as my driveway.
You’ll want to shake your spouse awake to share my earth-shattering subscription letter for MORE magazine that resulted in the most successful package in the history of the Meredith Corporation.
“Even the CEO came down to congratulate me,” gushed Ellen de Lathouder, Meredith’s VP of Marketing at the time.
“The copy is the best I’ve ever seen in a direct mail package,” sputtered veteran Meredith Artistic Director, Jeff Thompson, with mouth-agape.
You’ll invite over your neighbors and read aloud my throat-grabbing effort for WRITER’S DIGEST which could not be beaten for over ten years by some of the greatest copywriters in the English Language.
“I’ve never written a fan letter to a fellow DM copywriter before,” lauded copy guru Bob Bly.  “But your new subscription letter for WRITER’S DIGEST is super.”
You’ll interrupt your child’s own wedding to recite my jaw-dropping sales letter for COOKING LIGHT which pulled 10.55% and humbled the late, great Bill Jayme.
(Bill graciously called to congratulate me and ask if I would consider changing careers.)
If you nail page one of your sales letter,
you’re 75% there.
The beating heart of a direct mail package is the sales letter. If you can get the first page of your letter perfect, everything else will tumble into place.
That’s because page one contains all the vital elements that re-surface throughout your package: Your tone and vernacular … your offer and guarantee … your teaser … your positioning … your main benefits.
Once your client signs off on page one, it’s usually smooth sailing. So we’re going to devote extra time and attention to really nail page one to the wall and make it perfect. Don’t worry. I’ll show you how.
Be prepared for ruthless honesty.
It’s a tough economic environment for freelance copywriters.  I’m not going to sugar coat it.
What I am going to do is arm you with the best possible information, so you have the skills to jump on direct mail opportunities when they arise.
Hey, every now and then I poke my nose onto Upwork to see what a mosh pit it is. Recently, I walked away with a $12,000 gig which I knocked off in a weekend. Why? I have a specialized expertise — expertise I’m about to teach you, if you say “YES!”
Also, there is some sketchy information out there that is, well, how shall I say this nicely? Not part of my experience. For instance, I’ve been writing copy for three decades and no one has ever offered to pay me royalties. No one. And if they did, I wouldn’t take it.
My clients have enough trouble remembering to send me samples, much less remember to send me a check. What I do ask for is half up front. It screens out the crazies. It serves as a kill fee.
Providing direct mail creative services is a relatively simple business transaction. I try not to make it more complicated.
What you will NOT learn in my course.
I’m NOT into selling snake oil.
I’m NOT going to say a ton about emails and landing pages.  This is a course about direct snail mail.  If your main interest is web work, I suggest you track down Joanna Wiebe in Canada and give her a bear hug.  She totally rocks.
I’m NOT going to drone on about theory. Because, well, I never learned it, and since this course is about what I did do, you won’t find it here.
I’m NOT going to talk about math. Nor how to run A/B tests except in the most general sense. I provide creative services. (Words and pictures.) The Marketing Directors who hire me, they handle the spreadsheets.
I’m NOT going to tell you who my clients are. Nor will I divulge secrets and break my NDA’s. I’m still a working copywriter. I’m not a retired professor. I’m the real deal. My desk is full of real projects.
In short, I’m NOT going to give you Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter — tempting as that might be — so you can eat for a day. Instead, I’m going to lean on my 30 years of experience and my dozens of winning controls to show you how to write direct mail yourself … so you can fish (and eat) for a lifetime. And then buy your own salmon farm.
Maybe someday soon you too
can get love letters like these from your clients and colleagues.
And the big check that goes with them.
“Wow!  Gross is 4x and net is double!”
Cynthia Zhao, Circulation Director, The Asian Wall Street Journal
“Your direct mail package for More Magazine indexed 200 doubling response. That doesn’t happen too often in magazine history and is the first time it’s happened at Meredith.”

Ellen de Lathouder,
V.P. Creative Services,
Meredith Corporation

“Your package for EVERYDAY HEALTH HINTS now tops our winner’s list as the BEST-EVER direct mail package for Rodale books with results 2 to 1 over the standard! In fact, response was so high, we had to change the print run.”

Kathi Ramsdell,
Promotion Manager,
Rodale Press

“Did Jennifer tell you that our Gooseberry Patch Christmas Cookbook package is making Oxmoor House direct mail history? It pulled an unbelievable response – so much so that we canceled our creative test for the next mailing, thinking that it would be wasted money!”

Julie Doll,
Promotion Manager,
Time, Inc.

Pre-Enroll in the Course Now
Chop 50% Off Your Tuition Later

YES!  Sign me up as an Early Bird Charter Student now and chop 50% off my tuition later.

I understand as an Early Bird Charter Student, I’m one of the select few who gets to see each of Josh’s lectures as they are completed, and will offer thoughtful feedback directly to Josh, so he can shape the best, most useful course on direct mail creative — ever.

I understand dozens of Josh’s legendary direct mail packages are now in pdf form and available for viewing.  If I choose to stick around and become a fully paid course member, I can access this extraordinary library for one year — FREE.

If I’m not happy in the first 60 days after I’ve paid, I can get my dough back. No questions. No strings.
Add “president @” to your address book, so you don’t miss any of my personal correspondence to you.

(c) 2018, J.C. Manheimer & Company, Ltd.

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