21 Brilliant Proven Direct Mail
Sales Letter Leads

Instant inspiration!  If you write sales letters (online or in print) — boy! — you’ll welcome owning this treasure trove of proven letter leads.


Soon You Can Hold in Your Hands
21 of the Most Successful Direct Mail Sales Letter Leads
in the History of Direct Marketing

All by me.

: )

Dear Direct Marketing Colleague:
It would not be unreasonable for you to scratch your head and wonder …
… just who the hell is this guy?
Hi. My name is Josh Manheimer, and 30 years ago I climbed into the dumpster behind my local post office.
When I climbed out, I was one of the best direct mail copywriters in the United States, earning six figures writing sales letters from my farm in Vermont.
Today, you’ll find my work featured in 2 books: MILLION DOLLAR MAILINGS and THE WORLD’S GREATEST DIRECT MAIL SALES LETTERS.
And if you google “direct mail copywriter”in the United States, you’ll see after the ads, I come out #1.
Somehow, I did all this …
WITHOUT stepping foot inside an ad agency. WITHOUT studying under a copy guru. WITHOUTgetting a degree in Communications.
Now I’ve decided to assemble for you 21 of my legendary sales letter leads into one convenient volume and then hand them to you — FREE! — without any risk or obligation.
The question on everyone’s lips is, “Will you accept?”
On page after page you’ll discover letter leads that grab readers by each eyeball and then …
HERE is my earth-shattering letter for MORE magazine which resulted in the most successful package in the history of the Meredith Corporation.
“Your direct mail package for More Magazine indexed 200 doubling response. That doesn’t happen too often in magazine history and is the first time it’s happened at Meredith.”
Ellen de Lathouder
V.P. Creative Services
Meredith Corporation
HERE is my throat-grabbing effort for WRITER’S DIGEST which could not be beaten for over ten years by some of the greatest copywriters in the English Language.
“I’ve never written a fan letter to a fellow DM copywriter before. But your new subscription letter for WRITER’S DIGEST is super.”
Bob Bly, Author, The Copywriter’s Handbook
HERE is my historic direct mail letter for RODALE’S EVERYDAY HEALTH HINTS which became the most successful package in the history of Rodale’s book division.
“Your package for EVERYDAY HEALTH HINTS now tops our winner’s list as the BEST-EVER direct mail package for Rodale books with results 2 to 1 over the standard! In fact, response was so high, we had to change the print run.”
Kathi Ramsdell
Promotion Manager
Rodale Press
“Should be in a vacuum sealed case in a museum somewhere,” uttered Richard Armstrong — an A-List copywriter with a client pedigree as long as my driveway.
Here is the jaw-dropping sales letter lead for COOKING LIGHT which pulled 10.55% and humbled the late, great Bill Jayme.
(Bill graciously called to congratulate me and ask if I would consider changing careers.)
HERE is my famous package for Time, Inc. which caused the Promotion Manager to write …
“Did Jennifer tell you that our Gooseberry Patch Christmas Cookbook package is making Oxmoor House direct mail history? It pulled an unbelievable response – so much so that we canceled our creative test for the next mailing, thinking that it would be wasted money!”
Julie Doll
Promotion Manager
Time, Inc.
Here is…
My mind-boggling launch letter for STORY magazine, written in one feverish weekend, which pulled 14%!
My mesmerizing letter for THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS which dominated the mail for almost eight years.
My inspirational effort for THE ASIAN WALL STREET JOURNAL which quadrupled response and was written … in Chinese!
My shocking sales letter for NEW ENGLAND MONTHLY which pulled 85% cash!
My famous acquisition efforts for PLAYBOY … POPULAR MECHANICS … THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR … CONSUMER REPORTS TRAVEL LETTER … ART & ANTIQUES … VERMONT MAGAZINE … that have caused people to lean out windows and shout to strangers passing by, “My God! You’ve got to see this!”
Ready to Accept Your Free Gift?
One glance at these extraordinary letter leads, and you’ll understand with a seer’s clarity how I craft sales letters other copywriters brazenly steal from … and would sell their mothers to write.
Within an hour, you will instinctively recognize the underlying structure behind an award-winning promotional letter and either how to write them yourself, or inspire others to creative genius.
Quite frankly, if I had this document when I started out, I could have saved myself five years of monk-like study.
So why not give yourself this rocket-booster of an advantage?
If you don’t, your competitors surely will.
These Grand Old Ladies have had their day in the sun.
You can now safely listen to the secrets they whisper to you.
All the Best,
Josh C. Manheimer
Norwich, Vermont
P.S. Oh, and welcome to my Direct Mail University.
“Dear Josh, I swim in your wake. I have long admired your work (especially one effort I recall for Writer’s Digest), and I often find myself recommending you when clients are looking to test something other than my stuff. I’m very good at selling clients on using me, but not quite as good at making the package! I steal shamelessly from you…”
Prefers to Remain Anonymous
“Finally got this year’s copy of Who’s Charging What! Had no idea it was you who did so many of my favorite packages. Your work reminds me why I got into direct in the first place. Thanks for showing the rest of us the way!”
“After studying Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Parris Lampropoulos, and all of the old Masters, I consider myself very fortunate to have found your website. I’ll be studying your packages, and hopefully stealing your secrets, too ; – ) It was an honor to read your work.”
“Dear Mr. Manheimer, I hardly ever write to people I don’t k i on the Internet, but had to after I stumbled across your website and was blown away by control samples you put up… …and even more blown away by the PR pitches you gave out for FREE. As a fresh copywriter – you sir, are a breath of fresh air in a world of self-proclaimed Internet copywriting “gurus” and an inspiration for someone who wants to hone their craft.“
From Australia
“Damn you, Manheimer. I’m on a really tight deadline and unfortunately I just discovered your site. Not only did all the cool stuff on it cost me a good hour on my project, I’ll probably have to polish up my copy an extra half dozen to get it anywhere near where you’ve raised the bar. Thanks a bunch.”
“Hi Josh (or J.C., if you prefer?), What a discovery you are! Your letter leads PDF is amazing. I love your story leads. Better than a lot of similar ones I’ve seen. I’ve been studying direct response copywriting for a while, but I don’t often see your name and I’m not sure why. You’re obviously one of the best out there.”